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May 2017

Ulatus Launches Website Localization Services to Help Global Businesses Tap Local Markets

Leading language service provider now takes a stride in empowering organizations to communicate with their target audience in the language they understand

May 9, 2017, NEW YORKUlatus, a sister company of Enago, is one of the leading translation service providers worldwide. Ulatus launched its Website Localization solution to help global organizations expand their local presence and deliver digital content in a localized manner. Ulatus has been the quintessential language service provider connecting businesses across the globe and helping them break language barriers for over a decade. With a vibrant design and befitting motto ‘Global in spirit, local at heart,’ Website Localization by Ulatus aims to offer cutting-edge, timely and cost effective solutions to global businesses exploring opportunities to capture local markets.  

Research says that more than 85% of the audiences prefer to see content in their own language and give precedence to local websites. Catering to this growing need for regional content consumption, Ulatus localizes every aspect of a website—phrases, images, videos and call-to-action buttons—impeccably adapting English website into a local one, to engage with the local audience. With Website Localization by Ulatus, global brands can create a strong local connect by embracing a local persona and imbibing the cultural nuances of the region they seek to tap.    

Ulatus Vice President, Kuntan Dhanoya says, “Ulatus has been a pioneer in the translation industry and we believed that the most apt extension of our services will be Website Localization which is the need of the hour. Global organizations, looking to build a strong regional presence can significantly benefit from our translation expertise. Our regional language expertize coupled with state-of-the-art technology makes us stand out amongst our competitors.” She adds, “We have built a huge team of experts and shortlisted the most beneficial value-added services that can boost any organization’s localization plans and give them immensely profitable results.” 

Using Translation Proxy & CMS integration, Website Localization by Ulatus can handle custom-coded websites as well as websites built on any Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms. Furthermore, to enable organizations make the most of localization in a seamless, cost-effective and timely manner, Ulatus offers Multilingual SEO and Mobile Optimization as value-added services. While Multilingual SEO is deigned to incorporate region specific keywords, Mobile Optimization caters to clients who need a responsive mobile friendly website.

With such power-packed services, unequivocal quality and the right technology, Website Localization by Ulatus is an ultimate solution for organizations looking to expand globally by leveraging local markets.

About Ulatus: Ulatus is one of the world’s leading translation service providers. With a pool of 1200+ expert translators, Ulatus provides professional translation services to both academic and industry sectors. More than 140,000 clients from over 125 countries have benefitted from accuracy, superior quality, advanced linguistic capability, and expertise in language nuances offered by Ulatus.

To learn more about Ulatus Website Localization, please visit:

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